Daytime Drinking (2008)

Impression: A very low budget Korean movie which follows a guy who recently broke up with his girlfriend through a slew of very unfortunate misunderstandings.  The comedy is very understated. First his friends ditch him during their planned vacation to cheer him up, so he ends up vacationing  (and drinking) on his own. Then, he ends up at the wrong cabin and meets a crazy girl who he tries to impress. But, her boyfriend keeps showing up. Eventually the lead character ends up without any clothes in the freezing cold in the middle of nowhere, and has to hitchhike his way out. I feel like if this movie had been in english it would have long ago become a slacker cult classic. There is not much talking, but a lot of shots of him looking miserable and waiting, or walking, and any interaction with people just leaves him feeling worse. As the title suggests, there is also a lot of drinking, which also doesn’t end up making him feel any better. I really liked the feel of this film, very low key and unassuming, but also very funny and relatable.

Facts: A guy tries to get over a break-up with his girlfriend, with a road trip and a lot of drinking, gets himself into a lot of funny situations.

The Handmaiden (2016)

Impression: This movie ticks so many boxes for the elements I like in movies: beautiful people in beautiful places, unexpected twists and turns, funny and weird. During the first hour you think you know where it’s going: it seems like a very beautiful, but straight forward, and slightly cheesy period piece. Once part 2 starts, you realize that everything that just happened can be completely reinterpreted with a help of a few pieces of background information you’ve just been given and nothing is as it seems.  A sign of a great movie is when a run time of almost 3 hours feels like no time at all has passed. This is one of those movies.
Facts:  A Korean/Japanese period piece/comedy with unexpected twists and turns reminiscent of The Sting, but with a lot more explicit sex scenes and general weirdness.
Extra: I saw this one as well at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. I  was sitting next to this Haitian couple and during the sex scenes only, the woman felt compelled to narrate and comment on what was going on in great detail, which made it a little awkward.