What We Do in the Shadows (2014)

Impression: From the same New Zealand deadpan comedy team that made Eagle vs. Shark, this one is just as laugh out loud funny. It helps if you’ve seen or read any other vampire lore, since it pokes fun at it, but it’s just funny anyway. It places four vampires from different eras in the same house as roommates and is filmed reality-TV style. They have house meetings  and end up with all the same mundane issues all roommates have: cleaning dishes – some vampires think they are too cool to be washing dishes, so a large pile of blood encrusted dishes keeps growing; cleaning up after eating a victim – is placing newspapers or paper towels on the floor to prevent blood stains on the carpet uncool? This film is just as ridiculous as the description sounds. But ridiculously funny! Although sometimes, it seems like they stretch a joke too thin, and it could have achieved the same effect in less time. But if you just need to laugh at a way-out-there premise, this is your movie. “Leave me to do my dark bidding on the internet! What are you bidding on? I am bidding on a table.” My favorite part was the relatively low production value combined with seamless special effects. It’s made to look like it was filmed with low-budget shaky home cameras, so the flying vampires, or vampires turning into bats, or sun-charred vampire remains, all look completely normal, and expected. It’s as if anything filmed with a cheap shaky camera must be true. Of course, reality TV and The Blair Witch Project have used this premise before, but never has it been so funny.

Facts: A deadpan vampire mockumentary presented in the style of Big Brother (or whatever the equivalent show is these days). I almost wrote “The Real World” but that would really be dating myself 🙂


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