Lady In the Van (2015)

Impression: Lady Maggie Smith! She should be her own category of film, as she can do no wrong. In this film, she plays a curmudgeonly bag lady living in a van in 1970’s London on a wanna-be-openminded street in Camden. Kind of funny and kind of sad.  She is odd and strong willed, and determined to keep living in her car on that street, despite many run-ins with the neighbors and the police. She does need to use a bathroom once in a while, so a gay writer who is somewhat of a subject of the neighborhood gossip anyway, befriends her. They eventually strike up a tolerating ‘friendship’  where she bullies her van into his driveway and lives there for 15 years. Much hilarity and frustration ensues. This was apparently originally a play, also starring Maggie Smith, based on a true story, and written by the writer featured in the story.

Facts: A true story of  a bag lady, as portrayed by Dame Maggie Smith, living in her van in 1970’s London.



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